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Introducing HeyUp!

Heyup! soaps is based in the small South Derbyshire village where I grew up. The artisan soaps I craft are inspired by my love of nature and all things green. It has always seemed to me that a bounteous supply of good things are provided to us by the earth. Indeed I was brought up with a Father who grew wonderful crops of fruit, vegetables and flowers for us and who still does to this day! I am at my happiest when surrounded by all the wonderful colours, sounds and scents of nature. It is this love that has influenced me to pour time, love and care into producing beautiful handcrafted soaps.

Here at HeyUp! my aim is to create little pieces of that "Ahhh" feeling. I believe that the small things you can relate to help you feel good, are important and make a real difference. I want my products to respond to your needs, whether that is because they make your skin feel good, they smell great or because you know you are using something kind. So that's it, that's what I do and I wrap them all up for you with a friendly HeyUp!

Why that particular name? Well, I'm a Derbyshire lass and wanted something that reflected my roots and injected a little bit of my personality into my brand. HeyUp! is the traditional way of saying hello in Derbyshire. So Heyup! I hope you enjoy and benefit from using my products.

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All natural

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Our soaps

All our soaps are lovingly made in small batches using the traditional cold process method. They contain all natural ingredients, colours and botanicals. Contained within the heart of all our soaps are beautiful natural oils  and butters to help care for, nourish and moisturise your skin. To top it all off we use lashings of pure essential oils, so they smell beautiful too!

Nothing hidden

Our handmade soaps have a Net weight of 100g and come packaged in an open topped cardboard box, secured by our custom paper label. This protects the soap and lets it breathe. It also allows you to sneek a peek of what's inside!

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