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A little soaping fun

Meet Mr. Hooty. All will become clear as you read on. He is made from the batter that is left at the end of a batch that doesn't quite fit in the large moulds. I Don't like to throw it away and I

think you will agree he is a rather splendid little fellow.

I had a small flash of inspiration this weekend, it does happen sometimes! I wanted to make a little film for my social media that was a bit different and that helped me stand out a bit.

I grew up In the era when children's t.v was not pumped out twenty four hours a day. It was only on for a short period of time each day but was filled with a host of visual treasures, stories and characters. Much of the content was filmed in stop motion. The creators spent hours upon pain staking hours lovingly photographing each characters movements, bit by tiny bit and then piecing them together to create a few magical minutes of film. And what fantastic and imaginative journeys they took their young viewers on too.

I remember Bagpuss, Camberwick Green, Trumpton, Morph and The Flumps to name but a few with a huge fondness.

So feeling a little nostalgic and with only an hour or so to spare I did my best and filmed a little piece of basic stop motion of my own. I hope you enjoy it.

Without further ado, I hope you give a warm welcom to HeyUp! Soaps acrobatic team, featuring a special guest star appearance by Mr. Hooty!

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