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Our ingredients

HeyUp! Soaps pour a lot of time and love into producing the best quality artisan crafted products for you. We want to give you something that we are proud of and that we truly believe in. This begins with our careful choice of ingredients. Things we use should not literally cost the Earth, that is why we make every effort to source ingredients from ethical, sustainable and responsible sources.

So, lets have a look at some of our key ingredients and share with you why they are so brilliant at nurturing your skin...

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Natural Clay

Clay has been traditionally relied on for centuries for its wealth of skin healing and enhancing benifits. That is why here at Heyup! we have chosen to include it in some of our soaps.

French Pink Clay is great for all skin types but especially so for sensitive or mature skin. It contains the trace elements of Iron and Calcite and has a gentle detoxifying action whilst providing softening, moisturising and toning qualities for your skin.

French Green Clay also has wonderful detoxifying and absorbant properties. It contains a wealth of trace elements including Magnesium, Calcium, Potassium, Silica, Silicone and Selenium. It is particularly useful in balancing more oily skin types whilst helping to calm inflammation and aid tissue repair. Come on, clay is pretty cool!

Pure Essential Oils

Here at HeyUp! we are firm believers in keeping things natural and that includes our fragrances too. We carefully choose a balanced blend of oils for our soaps that smell divine and are 100% pure and natural. Things that smell so good can't help but make you feel good too.


Olive Oil

We all know Olive oil is great for your body on the inside but what about on the outside? Olive oil is a large component in our soaps and for good reason. It is great for all skin types. It is a gentle yet very effective cleanser. Rich in vitamins A and E and other antioxidants it helps gently repair damage to the skin. Olive oil also helps effectively rebalance and replenish moisture.

Shea Butter

We simply adore Shea butter here at Heyup! Seriously what's not to love? Shea butter truly is one of natures gems. It is rich in vitamins A, E and F and essential fatty acids vital for healthy collogen production. Rich and creamy, it is brilliant at keeping your skin beautifully supple, moisturised and hydrated. All our soap bars contain a healthy dollop of this beauty!


Activated Charcoal

Don't be put off by the colour, charcoal is a wonderful thing! It provides gentle exfoliation helping slough off tired skin cells leaving a brighter complexion. It is also great for detoxing your skin, helping draw out excess oils and impurities. Seriously this stuff is black magic!

Natural Carrot

We have all been told carrots are good for you right? Well they are good for your skin too. They are packed with Beta carotene which helps keep skin moisturised, it can also offer a little protection from the harmful effects of UV sun damage. The carrot is King here at HeyUp!


Avocado Oil

Avocado is a super food and it's oil has many fantastic benifits for the skin. It is packed with vitamins A, D and E and omega-3 fatty acids. The skin loves these ingredients and uses them to help build new layers. It is also helpful in gently conditioning the skin, soothing, healing and aiding in moisturisation. That's why Avocado Oil is an important addition to all our soaps at HeyUp!

Natural botanicals

We love using natural botanicals to add an extra dimension to our soaps.  Some may be purely for decoration, whilst others are used to give you further benefit. This might be to polish or exfoliate or aid in gently cleansing the skin.

One of our additions; sea kelp, is worth a mention. It is Iodine rich which is great for dry skin. It's minerals and antioxidants help soften and hydrate skin helping it maintain moisture and repair damage from daily pollution. Pretty good for Seaweed isn't it?

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