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Happy New Year! Here's to finding a little bit of beauty in the every day.

Well, here we are the start of a brand new year. And things being as they stand at the moment it is going to be a fairly difficult start for many of us. With this in mind I wanted to set myself a little challenge to help remind me of the good things we have. My task is to find my little bit of beautiful in the every day. It's important not to tie yourself in knots about these things though isn't it? So it can be something quite small; a flower, the colour of the sky, a thought, a smile, anything that makes me pause and think, "that's lovely, that's great, that's beautiful." That's why I literally started this the other day whilst standing just outside in my back garden, hence the pictures at the start of the page. I posted them on a couple of social media sites with a few headings and captions which when read sequentially form a poem:

On the doorstep,

out across the misty field,

Feathery fronds, firey sticks

and blooms invite,

Garden jewels, shining bright,

Look to the skies,

pink morning delight!

It's part of my thinking that small things can make a real difference to our lives but sometimes they can get overlooked and forgotten and we may need to consciously remind ourselves of them. Speaking of which, as a little thank you to all the wonderful people who have kindly supported me in the start of my business there is a 10% discount on my website on all soaps over January. Just pop in the code Thankyou10 at the cart page to get the discount. So let's start off the new year with a smile, take a pause and remind ourselves of all the little things that come together to make our everyday beautiful.

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